Tuesday, July 19, 2005

My famous afghan

I can not remember if I already posted about this, and I am way to tired to go back and re-read my old posts...yup, I'm being lazy!

But, imagine my surprise and shock when I was surfing through iVillage the other day and came across this post: http://messageboards.ivillage.com/n/mb/message.asp?webtag=iv-ppcrochtknit&msg=3126.1 Yup, thats my afghan that they are referring to - http://cityofcrochet.blogspot.com/2005/05/my-star-afghanit-is-finished.html

I was extremely surprised and a little bit tickled pink to think that others have found their way to my blog and enjoyed the afghan!

I scratch my head and wonder what I did with all of my time a year ago before I started crocheting! Now its spent crocheting, blogging, checking out Crochetville, blog-stalking others, RAOKs, Swaps, yarn shopping, searching for patterns...and so forth!

I know that I am much happier now, so that is what counts! A year ago I was probably snowed under at work, working 12+ hour days, pulling my hair out, dealing with a new boss that did not have a password for a single system and expected me to do it all, taking on additional tasks knowing that I could not keep up and would eventually fall flat on my face (managed to catch myself while falling and crawl throught the budget season), and generally having a miserable life! Life is better now - even with crappy work and idiotic morons to work with, I have my yarn and hooks, and a bunch of new friends on the web. Life is looking better and better every day!

*hugs* to everyone!


Catherine Kerth said...

Welcome to RAOK! i look forward to reading your blog!

Jessica said...

I know just how you feel, Kimberly! :) And it's a beautiful afghan, so I'm not surprised that others noticed!

CraftyCritter said...

Wow that rocks! And you have every right to be tickled!!!!

Kimberly the blogmenting blogger addict LOL! J/k

Dani said...

Isnt it fun when you get "recognized"? Good for you!!

Just stopped by to say welcome to RAOK!

Kimberly said...

Not so sure about the J/K Cordelia - you might have something there as it seems that my list of addictions is growing!! Yarn... hooks... patterns... needles and now blogmenting!?!?!? :)

eyeleen said...

That's an awesome afghan!

Sylver said...

congrats on the famousness of your afghan. It is breathtaking!