Monday, July 11, 2005

Les Doudous....

I hope that everyone had a good weekend. Luckily it was sunny Sat and Sunday so there was no need to sleep with my water collection tool on my bed! I realized last night that my UFOs have gotten out of control! I have multiple WIPs and UFOs taking over my looks like WW3 occurred in my living/dining room!!

I finished two WIP dishcloths (could be considered UFOs since I started them before leaving on vacation and did not touch them for a month) and organized my yarn stash some last night. I am not liking the crates for my thread and cotton - everything just gets thrown into a bin and forgotten - not good! I will be working on finishing at least half of my current projects and not starting another until I see some progress.

I bought two of the cutest crochet books this french!! I am going to be very brave and try my hand at crocheting in french - they are the most darling patterns for childrens doudous. Doudous????? The only translation from french to English is that it is a french slang for a childs security toy. Here are the books and will be my first projects from them:
(All are clickable for a larger view!!)

DoudousDoudous Autour du Monde

Princess FrogTurtleMrs. Bear

Almost everything is done in Size 5 DMC Petra thread with some of the smaller details being done in Size 20 (i.e. the Flowers on Mrs. Bear's jacket). I am really excited about these creations - not sure when I will be able to start them as I need to find all of the correct colors of Petra thread - I have some, but not enough colors already in my stash. I wish that this was sold in the US as it is a really nice thread - the colors are wonderful and it works up really nicely!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a productive weekend! And those doudous are just too cute!

Your secret pal

Jessica said...

Those books look fabulous - even just from the covers! I especially love that sweet little turtle.

Do the books have charts? I have some Japanese amigurumi books, and since they have charts, I really don't have any problem following the patterns, even though I read absolutely no Japanese. Here's a translated list of crochet & knitting terms, if you don't have one already. I've printed this out and added it to the back of my pattern binder, just in case I ever come across some European patterns! :)

Good luck and happy crocheting!

Kimberly said...

There are no charts for the majority of the items - I think the Princess Frog has a chart for her basic shape, but her accessories etc are all in french.

Thanks for the Translation Page! I am sure it will come in handy as I try to learn the new french vocabulary!! Merci Beaucoup!

Sara said...

Les Doudous coupled with the sign you bought...well, you can imagine what I thought the translation was! LOL!

Those pattern books look great!

Celeste said...

OMG! I LOVE your doo-doo books! I especially love the monkeys and the princess frog. The granny turtle is to die for!

Must find this book! I'm linking this entry to the Amigurumi blog, ok?

Did you get your leaks fixed? Inquiring minds want to know!

Celeste said...

Oh - hold on! I went to link your cool books and saw that you just JOINED the Amigurumi-along!

Link your own damned cute doo-doo books, missy!


Kimberly said...

As you so nicely commanded Celeste, I put a post up on the Amigurumi-along about my "doo-doo" books (I think that name is going to stick now...must have been a theme this weekend for me! LOL)

I'm going to try to translate & write down the patterns into english as I go along.....what have I gotten myself into??? :)

So glad you like them - I thought that they were the cutest things and even with the higher price, I could not resist!!

ladylinoleum said...

Celeste is too funny...doo doo...LOL

CraftyCritter said...

Love the doo-doos too...hmm odd sentence. They look fab tho!

I really need to jump on this band wagon.....

Good luck translating! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!