Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Computer Fun

Almost forgot to mention why I did not post anything yesterday after returning. I got back into Brussels at 10:30ish (plane was 2 hours delayed) and dropped my suitcases off at home, and then headed to the office after calling maintenance about the leak in the ceiling in the middle of the bedroom (luckily over the rug and not the bed!).

So, I stuck my laptop into its docking station (a little thingie that turns my laptop into a desktop) turned it on and went to lunch. Came back and it was turned off! I tried as hard as I could to get it to turn back on - taking out the battery, plugging it directly into the power cable and no dice. Called the Tech help desk to book an error log (darn rules) and then headed down to the tech team only to find that they were all out of the office! Crap-o-la! Left a message on their machine and then went home to sleep some, unpack some, read a book and go back to sleep. This morning Arnuad the Tech Guy comes (after driving 45 minutes into this office from another one so he could help me out), exchanges my hard drive with the one from his laptop so I could get some work done (ain't he sweet) and took away my laptop (minus the harddrive) to do his magic. Three hours later he is back with my laptop where he changes back the hard drive and I am back in Blogger and Crochetville work action!

Woo hoo! Seems I somehow managed to fry part of the mother board or something along those lines.....I'm a programmer, not a technician...yup, you read right, along with the dubious honor of being a glorified bean counter, I also show my geekism by having a computer science minor thrown in. Can't tell it from my blog site though can you? Never fear - I am working on a new blog layout - just ran into some issues making the layout do what I want it to do!

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Debi said...

It's so good to have you back!!! It's amazing how much enjoyment one gets from reading others blogs.