Thursday, July 21, 2005

Cordelia's Challenge and my ? Button!!

First of all - Good monring everyone!! Second of all, while doing my ritual morning blog read (I crawl out of bed, use the restroom, stumble to the computer, read some blogs, go back to bed for 30 minutes) I read Cordelia's Challenge to all of us out there in Blog Land! While none of my current projects are in the "almost but not quite" finished category (more or less then "you gotta heck of a lot to go" category) My challenge to myself is to start no new projects, to finish at least 2 of the 63 Square Squares, finish the current ball of yarn I'm using on my Evening Shawl, complete at least 2 squares for the Square Swap AND finish the head of my Frog Princess! A busy undertaking, but I'll have 3.5 days to do it all in! Check out WIP Road (aka the City of WIP) to see how my progress is going!

My advice for the day....while cleaning your apartment and vacuuming up the cat hair from your visiting fur-friend, DO NOT take your vaccum to your computer keyboard! I spent half an hour trying to extract my "?" button from the depths of my LAST vaccum bag...Gave in, ripped the bag apart and found the missing button....only problem is how do I clean up the mess since I can not vaccum it up with no bag in the bloody machine!! :)

Oh! Here is a peak at my funky french keyboard after I did surgery to replace the "?" key.....notice anything strange about my keyboard??

Left Side French Keyboard Right Side French Keyboard

EDIT: An American keyboard is called a QWERTY based on its top row of alpha keys - the French keyboard is called an AZERTY for that same reason!

I can not really say which is easier - there are things that I like about both versions of the keyboards and things that I do not like about both version! LOL I do like the placement of the M and ease of using the special keys like !"&()"' but on the other hand I don't like using the Shift key to get to my numbers on my laptop (can not have your cake and eat it to I guess)


Deneen said...

Ewww! Keys are kinda mixed up--must have took a while to get used to those-

Kimberly said...

It took me about 3 days or so to switch over the first time! I can not switch back and forth between the two very quickly now, but it takes about a day or so to adjust back and forth now! I've become fond of the french keyboard - will be sad to see it go when I move back - I like being able to easily use éèçêâáàëö the funky keys :-)

MrsFife said...

If this isn't called "Qwerty", what do you call it, please?

Danielle said...

That would drive me nuts.

Which is easier to use?


Faith said...

Oh my word ... it would drive me nuts having to switch to a different keyboard like that, I'e been touch typing since I was eight! Doesn't it drive you nuts?