Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I've been RAOK'ed!

First of all, its officially the weekend for me...are y'all jealous?? Tomorrow is Belgium's National Day so my company gave us the two days off! My goal is to do as little as possible (excluding crocheting of course) with a minimum amount of effort! I do need to run some errands on Friday, but hopefully I can get them done in the morning and have all afternoon to sit in the sun...always assuming its going to be sunny! :)

As I hinted at in my post this morning, I had a surprise waiting for me at work today! A wonderful fairy godmother from Crochetville sent me my very first RAOK! Being very sneaky to put my US address as the return address, I have narrowed the sender down to someone living in the great state of Texas - my most humble and sincere thank yous go out to you! You have brightened up my day! The tea was very good - I've never had that kind before! The gum was great!! The Apple Bubble gum was a big hit with me (all of it is at work - the package in the picture is just the outside! :) The coaster is lovely - fits perfectly under my mug! And the square is gorgeous - thank you!!

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knitdaisyknit said...

That looks like a nice package! I am especially jealous of the fruity gum.

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