Friday, July 08, 2005

Introducing the first Animal Inhabitant....Target!

The City of Crochet is proud to introduce to its friends and fellow citizens the first animal inhabitant......Target the Chipmunk!

Target 1 Target 2

Please notice the magical blue ever so high tech water collection receptacle behind Target on the bed! Now, I am sure that you are thinking "Why in the world would she name her Chipmunk Target!" Well my friends, the answer is simple - I did not have any fiber-fill or synthetic stuffing material on hand, so I made do with what I had sitting next to me and stuffed the little sucker with an ever so handy Target bag! Now that certainly qualifies for the "Reuse, Reduce, Recycle" challenge! :-) I've left his bottom off so I can stuff him properly at a later point in time!

I think that the apartment folks are avoiding me this morning....must have known after the rains that I would be calling back! As they oh so conveniently enough do not have an answering machine, I sent them an ever so nice e-mail...honest...I was nice!!! I did mention that I preferred not to sleep with my garbage can and that I was highly unpleased to find a wet bed when I got home last night! Slight understatement, but honey catches bees better than vinegar!

Target Details:
Pattern: Sally V George's Pocket Animals & Forest Friends
Yarn: Worsted Weight - Gold, Brown and Black
Stuffing Material: 1 Target Bag from the US
Name Origins: Derive from the stuffing
Height: Abt 3.5 inches
DOB: 07 July 2005 @ 11:52pm


ladylinoleum said...

Absolutely fabulous!!!!

CraftyCritter said...

Oh I like him alot!!!! I really must try this animal making bit!

Kimberly the doily pattern is in an old magazine I have, not sure its even available in reprints, its Crochet Fantasy number 127 November 1998. The name of the doily pattern is: "All That Glitters".

Anonymous said...

Oh, he is so cute!!!

Celeste said...

OMG - Target is the best! I love him! Perhaps you should leave him crinkly-sounding and leave the stuffing as is.

Sorry to hear about your drip woes. I hope that the landlords get your leak fixed NOW!

Kimberly said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! The more I think about him as Target the more I start to think of what other bags I have....perhaps do an evil version and stuff with a Walmart bag for a 'Wally'

Jewels said...

LOL what a cutsie little chipmunk. Good job

Jessi said...

oh I love him...I must make one! Great job....and I hope they fix the leak soon :(

Celeste said...

"Wally" should be the skunk.

Heather said...

Very Darling! You did a great job! You silly and resourcefull girl for stuffing him will Targe bags! LOL