Thursday, July 28, 2005

Snowflakes on Thursday

Well, three days have passed in the Snowflake CAL, and I can say that I have finished three snowflakes! I am at least managing to do what I had set out to do - one snowflake per day!

Here are the pictures (my camera is not the best at close ups and details...ask it to take a scenery shot, not a problem. But close up??? Not a chance!

Tuesdays Snowflakes
Peach Snowflake Baby Flake Size Comparison

Wednesday Snowflake (only finished one *sigh*)
Wed Snowflake

And since I said that the camera takes better scenery shots, here is one of my most favorite pictures that I have taken with this camera - it was shot on the island of Santorini in Greece.

I've been thinking of making each Thursday be "Travelling Thursday" where I show a new picture from my trips around the globe - sound good?


MrsFife said...

The flakes are cute!
And the scenery is awesome! Have you read Santorini by Alistair Maclean?

Let's have your travelling Thursday, please

Sylver said...

wow that is gorgeous! I really love the picture, such vibrant colours :)

I really love your idea of travelling thursday, so I am all for!

DAD said...

What is the object of snowflakes? Cannot think of a single thing you could use them for. Unless your bored or lack imagination?? Look nice BUT???? Scenic picture is very pretty.
Had to rattle your cage a little my Daughter. Love ya Princess

Kimberly said...

Why, they are all going to go on your Christmas tree of course! How could you not want to display my nifty thread work? :-D There are some for Moms tree, and now I'll work on some in Sparkly red for your tree....very pretty with the lights reflecting off the red sparkles!

Anonymous said...

Whaw, that Santorini picture is truly gorgeous... I like the snowflakes too :-)
Schaduw Zijde (

Tara said...

The wednesday snowflake is my fav. And your travel picture makes me jelous.

eyeleen said...

Nice little snowflakes. Beautiful scenic photograph. I'd love to see more of your traveling Thursday shots.

CraftyCritter said...

Wow, very pretty Kimberly, the flakes and the scene!

LOL....your Dad, typical man! "Whats the purpose?" LOL J/k Kimberly's dad!

WTG! Can't wait to see the rest!

Kari said...

hehe Your Dad is funny.
I love the first snowflake it's gorgeous!!!!!!!
The scenery is beautiful I love the idea of Travelling Thursday!
It's funny we were talking just last night about how Greece was one of those places we'd love to go to.

Faith said...

Those snowflakes are beautiful!! And the scene in Greece - I desperately want to travel there some day. It looks so beautiful.

Jewels said...

Greece and its buildings photograph so well. Pretty little snowflakes!

Vera said...

Your snowflakes look great! The photo in Greece is gorgeous!

Sara said...

Snowflakes and pic look great!! I'm so jealous of all the world travelers!

Debi said...

Your photograph is breathtaking! I hope to travel to Greece someday, and your photo is making me hope harder!