Thursday, July 07, 2005


So I mentioned when I got back from the US that there was a leak in my bedroom ceiling and that I had called maintenance. Well maintenance decided that it was not that big of a deal and that that since it was over a rug I could put a basket under it to catch the drips. Okay, I'll play ball for now and not throw my toys out of the crib.

So its been raining all day today. Well, I got home from work tonight, and the leak has extended across the ceiling - ain't no way that I can catch all of those drips! And to even make things worse there is now a drip over my bed!! There is no way to move my bed to another spot since my room is small and there are drips going all the way across the ceiling. There is only one spot dripping on the darn bed, so I guess it will be me and the garbage can sleeping in my bed tonight! I have such exciting bed partners!

So tomorrow will be another call to the landlords with just a little bit of screaming and yelling happening.....I was willing to deal with the drips, but I will not tolerate drips on my bed! Either fix them or find me a new apartment!


LadyintheMoon said...

Oh yeah... make noise.

CraftyCritter said...

You mean to say, that you've not ever wanted a waterbed????

I would raise some heck!!!! Luck to ya on that!

Im waiting on the chipmunk...:)