Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bird Flu....eeeek!!!

Thats it folks. Its right next to me. No where to run! According to the news wires, Bird Flu has been found in Germany. I am an hours drive from Germany!

No more chicken or eggs for me to eat! Which might lead to a serious eating problem here in Belgium....what will I put on my frites? Mayonnaise is made with eggs after all! And no more Poulet Durums (chicken burrito type thingies). I'm going to waste away to nothing!!!!!


Tina said...

I am freaking out for you. I have a flu phobia. I don't know what the politically correct name is for it, but I have it. Get lots of Germ-X, and a mask. Don't breathe. Do whatever it takes. :) Seriously... (except the not breathing part...)

Kimberly said...

I just don't think that I can hold my breath for the rest of my time in Europe! *grin*

I have several strikes against me....including the fact that Iride public transpo....all the time! Think of the germs all over those things.....yuck!

Marvie said...

I saw the articles last week. I nearly had a freak out moment but I did some reading first. According to the health officials, you catch the flu by handling birds who have it. Not by eating poultry or eggs. It seems we're safe, just make sure you don't eat any raw eggs or chicken and when/if you cook it to follow the usual proper clean-up procedures.

Yasmin said...

Hey ! Actually its not as bad as the media makes it out to be ( like most things). My husband , a physician , says that its just mostly scare. As long as the chicken or any other bird ,and the eggs are cooked over 80 degree Celcius ,its safe to eat . That much of heat is enough to kill the virus. And handling of the affected birds is very important too.
You just have to make sure you cook it very well.

Anonymous said...

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