Monday, February 20, 2006

Olympic Updates (finally!!)

Hello! I am indeed still alive! I have a computer now, but its not working the best and I'm peeved that they gave me a dysfunctional computer! I tried to install some software I needed to use this weekend and could not do it! The disk drive is not co-operating with me!

I have had a busy past few days, but I have fit in time for crocheting and knitting......of course!

Crochet Olympic Update
I don't think that I ever shared what I am working on exactly. I have picked a pineapple doily (I love pineapples) from this book which was published probably in the 50s - the price tag says 10 cents and it is a Star Doily Book No. 137 from the American Thread Co. Here is my current progress:

Knitting Olympic Update
I am picking up speed with my knitting finally! Okay, this is only because I no longer have to purl and can just whip my way around the bag which is now on the circular needles using only the knit stitch! I am loving the colors so far and can not wait to see the final bag! I have the sides done almost 4 inches, and I am thinking that I want at least 10 inches in total height before I start the handles! Although, if time is at a crunch, I will stick with the original pattern!

Hellos and hugs to everyone! For my fellow athletes, I hope that all is going well on your projects!! I really hope to have some time to get my computer sorted out this week so I can return to blog reading and general business as usual!


Vera said...

Your are making very good progress on both Olympics.

What colorway of Noro are you using for the bag?

Raquel said...

That doily looks nice I was eager to see your project as I am also in team doilies.
what a pretty doily pattern book!

Mimi said...

Kimberly, glad you're back posting! (But sorry to know you have a bad computer...)
We were waiting to see what you've been doing for the olympics. The doily and bag are coming out very nicely!

Yasmin said...

Your doily and the bag are both looking pretty good. I love the colours of your bag. Way to go!

.:Cris:. said...

Absolutely gorgeous work, Kimberly! I also have a passion for pineapples, yet not quite brave enough to attempt them in yarn... and I LOVE the colors of your knit bag!


Pandora said...

Oh wow, the bag colors are *so* beautiful! My next thing after the Olympics is to learn doilies and threadwork, so I am also quite admiring of your doily--what little I've tried so far is pretty tricky, so I can really appreciate the amount of work it takes! Good luck, my fellow dual-lete!

Jewels said...

That yarn you're knitting with is to die for beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Wow! How cool is that - making a beautiful pineapple doily from a vintage pattern book! I'm a sucker for old-fashioned stuff and your doily looks gorgeous! :)