Thursday, February 23, 2006

What was I thinking????

No, this is nothing to do with the Olympics and any frustrations with my choose projects. I have a weakness for a dare. I find it often impossible to say no. Add a bet to it and I am swallowing hook, line and sinker!

Last night after my workout / knitting session (more at a later time with some tips and advice) I got a text message from a former colleague from the UK that him and another guy were in town for a Six Sigma training course and did I want to meet up with them for drinks. Well, the obvious answer is yes as networking is a critical part of my job. *grin*

So away I went to the local Irish bar, Michael Collins. A few Guinesses later, I am sitting there talking to Paul and he mentions a 10 mile race he is doing in October (do you see where this is leading?) My friend Kim is there and says that would be a challenge. I laughingly agree and pull out my normal 'I only run when I am being chased'. Then we start talking about how fast we all USED to be able to run a mile. Of course I pull out the speedwalking bit of 11 minute miles which would put me at an hour 50 minutes. Paul's last attempt at this race was an hour 48.....hmmm...I could potentially walk it in about the same speed that he ran it.....could I not just jog the last few miles and overtake him?

So 12 hours later I am sitting here wondering just how I got myself roped into training to do a 10 mile race.....I do believe I'll be getting a lot of knitting time in at the gym!

Final bet: 5 pounds and a the knowledge that another guy placed a bet with Paul that I would beat Paul for 10 pounds and 5 Guinnesses!

Power Walking 101 here I come!


Kari said...

I honestly think they need to outlaw talking while drinking alcohol. It always gets us in trouble!

mom said...

Now Kari has a thought!!! Drinking and talking has gotten you into trouble more than once. tehe Just be careful with the shin splints. You don't want to go there again. Good luck and we can train in Florida in a couple of weeks. Well 16 days and counting. We just have to sneak out of the house without Dad as he can't run for up to a year after his surgery. Should I bring a stop watch??? :-):-)

Jenny Moore said...

Nice! Good luck with that one!