Monday, February 13, 2006

Grab a hammer and help me kill it!

Nah, skip the hammer! I want a cement roller than I can drive over the peice of #$*!@ that they call my computer!!!! AAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!! I was not around much this weekend on-line becuase I was both crocheting and knitting while watching the Olympics, and my computer was running really slow. I turned it on at work this morning and see a nice little error message "Hard drive is at imminent risk of crashing." Son of a biscuit maker!

Call the helpless desk, and explain the problem....the lovely support person asks if I have run a virus scan....ummm....did I not just explain that the error message happens when I press the start buttom before the computer boots up? I finally get the call placed and 4 hours later the local IT guy calls me from the plant about an hour away and says that he will be in tomorrow and will take a look at it! Good thing I have this computer that I am using right now - it was my original laptop here in Brussels 3 years was already almost 3 years old then! So lets just say that she is a little bit slow!

I will probably not be around much the next few days. No blogging, Crochetville, reading blogs - apologies for this! I know that several of you have various contests and requests going on....wish that I could join in, but this computer does not work at home on my ADSL line, so I'm stuck trying to squeeze in a few minutes here and there.

The Olympic projects are coming along nicely - I am about half way done with the base of the knitted bag I am making, and on round 10 of my doily. I took pictures last night, but of course this PC can not download them.....schnikeys!

Have a wonderful day everyone and I will talk to you once I have a functioning computer!


Isela said...

eeek, hoping the pc gets well soon.

Jenny Moore said...

well, just look at it this way - you'll have more time to work on your Olympic projects! Of course, finding the time to catch up on everyone's blogs is going to suck...Good luck with getting it working again!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! There's really nothing more frustrating computer problems not counting the 'helpless desk'!
Good luck with getting it going. :)