Thursday, February 09, 2006

The day before update......

Well folks, this is it! We are down to almost 24 hours until the start of the Olympic Opening Ceremony....Can you feel the excitement...the panic.....the anxiety....the utter bewilderment of folks going 'What in the world was I thinking????????'

As I made a post today on Crochetville about having everything ready to go tomorrow, I decided that it was about time that I went and bought the needles I need! Yeah, yeah. Procrastination. Well, part procrastination and part sheer stubbornness to buy something that I already own! Back in the US I have a whole stash of knitting needles, including circulars. But as I did not have enough foresight to bring them to Europe (I had three different sizes plus some dpns here, did I really think that my knitting skills were going to take off???? Nope, not a thought in my head aside from some vague wish to improve my knitting skills) okay, back on the subject.

So I was driving Kim's car home tonight and decided that if there was a parking space in front of my local yarn store I would stop in. Well whaddya know, there was! So I parallel park that car like no other, and away I went into the store carrying my computer. I'm a dork but I forgot to bring along the pattern I am making but since I have it on my computer I grabbed it and booted it up as I walked into the store.

I'm looking at needles, scratching my head in dismay, they have a 4.5 mm circulars, but only about 6 inches of the rubber section, no where near long enough. I keep hoping that they will appear. All of a sudden I hear a voice "You're Kimberly" Huh? Who in the world would know me in the yarn shop in Brussels? Turns out that it was AnneV!! Hi Anne!!! We chatted for a few minutes over our mutual dismay in not having the right size needles to purchase, and Anne's ability to walk out of the store without buying ANY yarn (you were much stronger than I was Anne - I came out with 2 more skeins of Noro!) in a store that is over flowing (yarn sits on the floor in boxes and bags!)

After Anne left I asked several questions to the store lady in my mixture of french and english......she actually talked to me this time!!! I think it was the fact that I was looking at knitting needles and asking about the Bergere Pattern Book that Bron bragged about getting showed us all. She did not have it, but if I bring a picture of the exact book in she'll see what she can do! She also told me about an American knitting club here in Brussels and a Knitting Night at the cafe by my place! How exciting! The cafe is the third Wednesday of every month from 17-19. She will let me know about the American Knitting Club the next time I am in when she gets the address! I also told her that I was teaching myself to knit and she seemed duly impressed! Yay!! Brownie points with the Yarn Store lady!

I am off to swatch some on the circulars that I ended up buying - slightly bigger than the pattern calls for but since I am felting it, all should be good as Anne told me!!

Have a great night!

Pssst - Bron - Dontcha think that I should rub in the fact that I can buy the Bergere yarn here that the patterns call for? You might have the book...but I gots da yarn!! LOL


Bron said...

Hehehe...You're evil, I say, evil! Taunting me with Bergere yarn....

Mimi said...

Wow, that yarn must be very special...I'll be looking forward to seeing your knitting work Kimberly! Good luck!
(By the way, Kimberly, thanks for looking it up in tagalog! =)
I dont think we have an exact translation for "good luck"..."Suwerte ka!", would mean "lucky you!" "Suwertehin ka sana!" means "May you be lucky!")

ladylinoleum said...

Exciting girlie! Cannot wait to see your progress!