Friday, February 03, 2006

Happy Friday!

Well folks, its Friday! I know, I've blogged nada this good excuses either! Just been in a funk!

Just in, it is soon going to Mister Doo's Birthday! To read all about it, please click on over to Lori's blog and find out!

I am off to spend an exciting weekend getting ready for the Olympics...then again, I'll probably just sit on my bum and read a few books which seems to be the norm lately! Although I have finished one knitted dishcloth and one turtle that needs to be assembled! Wow! I've got FOs! But I guess at the same time the WIPs are growing as I've started two more turtles and a practice doily *sigh*

My friend Dan is booking his tickets to come visit. He will probably be my last visitor before I move home, which is kinda fitting since he was my very frist visitor when I moved to Europe and lived in Dublin back in 2001! I like when things come full circle! Although, other visitors are still more than welcome! I would gladly ruin the whole perfect circle idea for visitors!

I did have a thought the other day about staying here a little bit longer....if I do this, I am going to miss my high school 10 year reunion. Okay, not a big deal, but I was living in Ireland for the 5th and missed that one as well. Okay, for the most part I talk to everyone that I would ever want to talk to. But I would love to find out what happened to all of the folks.....are the cheerleaders no longer so perfectly made up after having 5 kids, did the football jocks all gain some weight around the middle, did the wall flowers and nerds blossom and come out of their cocoons, are the goth folks still goth or did they conform to main steam society, and what about those other misfits like me.....where did they end up? Yup, I called myself a misfit - I can not say that I fit into any of the above groups...I was more like on the outside fringe of many groups - I was friends with the goths, with the nerds, with (some of) the preppy/jocks......I just might have to fly back for this reunion if I am still here!

well, I think that I am going to skip out of work and run to the grocery store while I still have Kim's car - makes the trip much easier and I don't need to lug 10 plastic sacks the 4 blocks to my apartment!

Have a superb weekend everyone, and may my fellow Olympic contestants keep up the good training practice! We can do it!!!


Debi said...

Just stopping in to say HI!

Jenny Moore said...

Well, if you're still there in a year, we may be able to come visit!

I've been in a funk this week with my blog too. Don't know what it was! Just been an icky week, I guess.

Good luck with the Olympics! Have you decided which bag you're going to do yet? I can't believe it starts on Friday. Woohoo! Can't wait!

Mom said...

Thats great that Dan is coming over. When?? Hope is won't be to long as you belong back stateside young lady. We miss you to much and you are to far away from home.

DAD said...

that will be the day when I wish a happy birthday to a cat. the only good cat is a or one that does not cross my path. Also glad to hear Dan the man is or maybe coming over for a visit. Now about staying longer than a year or less let us talk about that firstd

Vik said...

Kimberly, you made me laugh with your high school 10 yrs reunion! I would add the new faces (and other things) you´ll find because of plastic surgeries! ;)