Thursday, February 09, 2006

Oh yeah! I'm a SHRONE!!!!!

After procrastinating for several MONTHS, I finally submitted my self nomination to become a shrone. I was totally geeked (oh god, I just said geeked) to recieve an e-mail 30 seconds ago saying that I've been selected as a recipient of The Bona Fide Shrone Award!

Thanks Lori!!

Not sure what a Shrone is? Read all about Shrones and what defines a Shrone on the What Is a Shrone Page and check out the Shrone Hall of Fame to find out who else this honor has been bestowed upon!

In Lori's own words in the e-mail I recieved from her today:

Dear Kimberly,

I'm pleased to inform you that you have been selected as a esteemed recipient of The Bona Fide Shrone Award! I've determined that you possess many of the salient characteristics of a Shrone! Here are the reasons why you are a Shrone:

1. You have a style 100% all your own.
2. You are ambidextrous, but interestingly can ride a bike without using your hands.
3. You love thunderstorms.
4. You know what it is like to have physical maladies.
5. Something about you says when you get old and withered, you just might go out crusing for penis!
6. You are unknowable.
7. You stylishly procrastinate, a distinctive Shrone trait.
8. You've lived in Ireland, the land and home of Shrones!
9. You're one groovy chick and I think you are super cool!
10. You haven't killed your inner child and you freely allow it out to play.

Yours in Shronedom,

How utterly cool is this? So I am off to eat leftover pizza from last night and bask in the afterglow of the excitement from being named a Shrone!


Kari said...

Congrats Sister Shrone!

Amy (yarnaholic) said...

Welcome to the Sisterhood of Shrones!

Vik said...

Congratulations Kimberly! Nobody more deserving! ;) I wish to be in this Sisterhood someday...

Jewels said...

wooohooo - congrats to the ne shrone from Belgium!!