Friday, February 24, 2006

Free Patterns!!!!!!

I bet that got your attention huh? *grin*

Now comes the twist...they are in french! Pull out your french-english dictionary (or become a fan of this on-line knitting Trico-Dico) and join the craze that will be sweeping blog land....okay, Bron started it and I jumped on the band wagon out of proximity to the patterns and the yarn company!

I ordered my very own Explications tricot on Monday and it arrived this morning! Very pleased with the shipping time from France am I!

While drooling over the patterns included in this book, I started looking up yarn costs. While exploring the site, I happened across the free pattern section and fell in love with many of the offerings, including these:

I am lusting after the middle sweater! And yes, they are all cable related...must be a theme somewhere in there!

Okay, for those of you who might be willing to try out some french knitting (I did stumble across 2 crochet patterns out of the whole lot, and neither were anything to write home to Mom about) check them out:

Site: Bergere de France -
Scroll the mouse over Tricothèque and a drop down box will appear
Make your selection: Femme = women; Homme = men; Enfants = children with fille = irls and fils = boy; layette = baby
To download the free PDF version of each pattern, click: Télécharger
Page Suivant will move you to the next page of patterns

To understand the pattern descriptions, lets take into consideration the above middle sweater! Description:

Pull col roulé = name of sweater
à réaliser en MAGIC = created with Magic (name of yarn)
Tailles 1 à 5 = Sizes 1 to 5

Difficulté : = difficulty

Points employés : = type of knitting used (see the above link to Trico-Dico)
côtes 2/2
jersey envers
côte fantaisie

Aiguilles n°5 et 5,5 = Size of needles used

When you click into the patterns you will see at the beginning a section called Fournitures. Here is where they say the number of balls of yarn used, by size. For the above sweater it lists: Qual Magic, Ancolie 15-16-17-18-19 pel. Which would for example be Magic yarn, color Ancolie needing 18 balls for size 4.

Okay, I know that finding Bergere in the US must be impossible, so to find out what the yarns are, they can be looked at here:

Accès Direct will list all of the yarns. For example scroll down the list to Magic, and you will see all of the yarn specs. We find that the Magic is a 50/50 wool acrylic blend, is washable. What size needles and hooks are recommended, a swatch example, the available colors (coloris) Looking at the colors, Ancolie is not for me, and were I to ever make this sweater, I would be using the Fréon (or a similar color) I believe!

Bonne chance et bonne Tricot!


SheCrochets said...

Dang! Those are beautiful... but I have a hard enough time decoding English knit instructions at this point! LOL

That is awesome about your new Zurich job, btw. Congrats!

Kimberly said...

Trust me, I am hanging in there with the french crocheting, but french knitting is not even in my current realm.....drooling over patterns is about all that I can do! I can not even decode the english patterns at this point in time! lol

Yasmin said...

Waaah ! I could cry ..but all the drooling is preventing me from doing this. These are gorgeous....I can just knit a little ..nothing more than beginner's level. And french knitting ???? Well, I have to cry !!!

Dad said...

Tell you what Kimberly you can lust after the sweaters all you want just let me have the models. lol. But lets not tell your Mother. Still seems like a LOT of work and much easier to go to JC Pennys or Kohls for your needs. Cept the models still do not come with the sweaters. Not even for Christmas. Such is my life.

Vera said...

Those sweater are beautiful. I read some French, but that was such a long time ago.

I'm wondering if I can bribe Maryse (Bag N'Trash) to translate for a pattern for me.

Jenny Moore said...

Wow - I MUST have that middle sweater! That is like the perfect cable knit sweater that I have always been looking for! Now, to find a way to translate...Wish I was still in touch with my college buddies from France!