Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tuesday Pre-Olympic Updates

Well, as you know, I have decided on joining both Olympics (Knit and Crochet....is there a Cross Stitch?? LOL), and I have my doily picked out (not telling which one I decided on) and all my lovely yarn bought for the felted bag (not telling which one I decided to make either). Only a few more days and all will be revealed with the opening of the Olympic Games!

I have joined in on the Team Hooker for the Knitting Olympics! All of us are crocheters who have taken on the challenge of knitting for the Olympics! Together we hope to provide encouragement and support to each other as we challenge ourselves to knit like we've never knit before!

I have a bunch of Olympic buttons that I have snatched from here and there.....will get them uploaded to photobucket and put out tonight.

I bought some encouragement to help me succeed in my quest for gold.....well, even if I fail I will still get it! I stopped off last night and picked up a fairly nice bottle of french bubbly! From a smaller vineyard, it has an awesome flavor! Now its not Dom Perignon, but for the size of the vineyard, I believe that it is an excellent bottle for its class, and it cost well under the 100€ the Dom P would have cost! So, during the closing ceremonies you will find me stuck on my couch, feet on my coffee table and a glass of bubbly in hand as I toast to the Olympic Athletes, the Olympic Knitters and the Olympic Crocheters....whatever the outcome, we were all winners for trying our best!

The swatching continues on.....I pulled out some of the Noro last night and started swatching the bag....had a slight mishap with the first row, but I came back beautifully and corrected it with style and grace ("frog you fils du putain!" yup, I'm swearing in french now) and recast without any issues. The doily swatching has taken me up to round 5 before I frogged it.....I don't see any issues so far with the pattern - it is a bit bigger / more intricate than the other doily patterns that I have done, but that is why it will be a challenge!

May the Spirit and Goodwill of the Olympic Games be with you all!


Vera said...

I've done my swatching for both projects, and color matched some yarn for the Dibs sweater, so I'm getting ready.

I think I'm in this whole Olympics for all of the buttons.

SheCrochets said...

Good luck on all of your Olympic craziness! I decided to pass on both the knitting and crocheting events, as I am going to be traveling for most of the games. Ah well... there's always the next summer games!

Mimi said...

Kimberly, I've gotten more excited joining the crochet olympics upon reading this. I've not been preparing as well as you (I've only decided on what to make, that's all), now I will go into details. =)

Heather said...

Good luck! I'm the crochet olympics too.

Jenny Moore said...

woohoo! i'm excited too! good luck getting everything done!

ladylinoleum said...

Good luck! I am cheering you all on!